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family quarrel between father and daughter of a teenagerВячеслав ЧичаевAdobeStock_203102363Themenbereich Pubertät
Eltern gegen Kinders-koboldAdobeStock_78604189Themenbereich Patchwork
Coole KinderlassedesignenAdobeStock_166192609Themenbereich Patchwork
Happy young family enjoying free time in the park, mother, sisters and brotherKaneaAdobeStock_205141396Themenbereich Patchwork
Quarrel between Mother and Daughter in White Room.VadimGuzhvaAdobeStock_239195195Themenbereich Pubertät
texting-1999275Fangirl texting-1999275Themenbereich Pubertät
Woman comforting to a sad depressed friend who needs help. Depression conceptjandrukAdobeStock_202015450Themenbereich Stress&Krisen
Businessman stressed out at workWavebreakmediaMicroAdobeStock_95012321Themenbereich Stress&Krisen
Single dad going nuts at home with two boysastrosystemAdobeStock_274550665Themenbereich Stress&Krisen
Serious sad woman thinking over a problem, man aside, meeting therapist, poor chance of getting pregnant after 40, unmet expectations, unable to handle family finances, interested in different things fizkesAdobeStock_129279638Themenbereich Partnerschaft
Upset little girl suffer from family conflict, sitting between parents.Prostock-studioAdobeStock_299048081Themenbereich Partnerschaft
Young couple having difficulties at parenting togetherKaspars GrinvaldsAdobeStock_210624715Themenbereich Partnerschaft
Woman tearing up photo of happy couple, closeup. Concept of divorcePixel-ShotAdobeStock_239362487Themenbereich Trennung
Couple with divorce contract and ring on desk. Divorceandranik123 AdobeStock_262055895Themenbereich Trennung
family couple quarrels in a conflict at home JenkoAtaman AdobeStock_247658725Themenbereich Trennung
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